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Some facts in how to stop sugar cravings

Something to realize when your trying to stop sugar cravings, is that your body is tells you when it’s lacking something and turn on a craving for it.

It’s like when your body is lacking water and/or dehydrated. It’ll give you certain indicators that tell you it’s time to get water. Swollen tounge, dry mouth and all the way to getting clammy skin and fainting in extremes.

If your suddenly craving something like cheese or salty foods (nachos, potato chips, etc.) your body could be telling you that you are low in sodium.

If your craving something like grapefruit and melon, you could be low in potassium. If you crave chocolate, your most likely craving a hormone called “serotonin”. This is a hormone that creates a sense of well-bring or comfort, and chocolate stimulates serotonin from a gland in your body called your “adreanals”; there are two adreanal glands that sit on top of your kidneys and produce different hormones. A gland is an organ or structure in your body that produce hormones (a hormone regulates certain things in your body), mucus and sweat. It comes from the Latin word glans, meanting “acorn”.

A fact about your body when your trying to stop sugar cravings, is that when this happens, your body tends to have what called “low-blood sugar”. You have a type of sugar in your blood called “glucose”. Your body requires to have it at a certain level to function normally. When you eat food, the sugar in your blood increases slightly (it may increase more depending on what your eating). Now say you don’t eat for a while, and you notice your body getting hungry. You might be a little cranky, sluggish, tired and even light-headed. This is your body telling you that the glucose in your body is low and you need to replenish it.

Now the wrong thing to do would be to start eating a whole bunch of products which have a lot of sugar and eat sweets and things like this. The reason for that is your body requires a lot more then just sugar in the blood to survive. Another reason for it is that by only eating sugar products, the system in your body that is supposed to break down the food into glucose and other things, will be bypassed, causing you to have a blood sugar crash (the sugar in your body will go up high and then will crash back low again). You probably have seen this in kids who eat a whole bunch of candy or junk food and get really hyper for a while; only to crash and become cranky, tired or just fall asleep.

Please check back again for more facts to help you stop sugar cravings!


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