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Fast Ways To Lose Weight – Incorrect Exercise Prevents Fat Burning Fast Ways To Lose Weight – Incor

Another key discovery in looking into fast ways to lose weight has been that different body types need different kinds of exercise.

Have you ever rented or bought those videos with the instructor guy or girl who looked super in shape and super healthy; they usually promote the "buns of steel" and the "rock hard abs"? And behind that "buns of steel" promoter are the good looking girls or strong guys, not breaking a sweat while they follow the instructor’s “sure-fire” rigorous technique to get that body you’ve been looking for. And then you might think the thought “I need to exercise more”, “I’m too lazy to do that” or even “it’ll take years to get to where THAT guy is with my fat body.” To make it worse, you’ll be shown the “before and after” photos of people who have tried the technique; they somehow because a totally different person with different hair, skin, height, eyes and everything. “That can’t be real”, you’re probably thinking; and quite possibly you’re right. What those videos are trying to accomplish is neither here nor there and whether they work or not…well…

I’m sure you’ve heard the theory “You’re fat because you just don’t exercise enough.” Well, if you have an Adrenal body type (see more data on this from Dr. Eric Berg’s book “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”) and you do hard-core exercise, you not only will prevent fat burning, your body might even get bigger. I see those people at the gym with their personal trainers working to lose weight for years with very little change. Exercise only works if your body had good adrenals. If you have an Adrenal body type, adding more exercise to an already stressed-out body is self-defeating. Adrenal types need very light, slow exercise.

On the other hand, if you have a Liver body type (see more data on this from Dr. Eric Berg’s book “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”), the fat-burning hormones need to be stimulated intensely for weight loss to occur. If exercise is too light or too slow, you get no effects. Exercising for your specific body type can be a big advantage in maximizing weight loss. This is important to remember in looking for fast ways to lose weight. There are so many opinions on how exercise effects your size, it’s important to have stable datums regarding it.

Many people have the idea that their fat is excess calories and all they need to do is burn these off through exercising. However, it’s not the calories burned during exercise that are significant. It’s the delayed fat-burning peaks that occur between 14 and 48 hours later—but only if specific conditions are correct in regard to sleep and stress levels.

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